Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anotoys Collectiverse?

  • The Anotoys Collectiverse is your safe space to buy, own, and sell Celebrity-Approved NFTs and to connect with other fans, collectors, and artists.

What blockchain technology are you using?

  • We are using the Etherium-based Octacore blockchain technology for our NFTs.

Are these NFTs Celebrity-Approved?

  • Yes. The NFTs available here are Celebrity-Approved. Now you can have digital artworks signed by your idols.

What utility does my NFT have?

  • You can use these NFTs as profile photos for your social media accounts, as your in-game avatar, as an access pass for exclusive content, and for other future applications in the metaverse.

Where can I view my NFTs?

  • You can view your NFTs at the Anotoys Collectiverse’s website and soon on your mobile phone using an app.

When will you drop your NFTs?

  • We will start dropping our NFTs on May 6, 2022.

How many NFTs will be available?

  • We are going to release lots of Celebrity-Approved NFTs exclusively on Anotoys Collectiverse, including Badges, Collectibles, Rare and Legendary NFTs.

How can I buy these NFTs?

  • Just pick the NFT that you like, select the tokend ID, then click the “buy” button. You can use GrabPay, GCash, Paymaya, or Credit Cards tru Visa or Mastercard to checkout.

Where are my NFTs stored?

  • All of your purchased NFTs are stored in Anotoys Collectiverse using Octacore’s “digital vault.”